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Kinkaku-ji (Gold Pavillion)
22 February 2009

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Snowy the Samoyed 03
23 January 2009

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Petronas Towers
24 August 2007

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Chennai City on Kyoto Imperial Palace (Kyoto Gosho)
Kyoto Imperial Palace (1859) of Japan composed so beautifully. Graet POV, framing and detils. Managed to present color, ...

bet365 on Pagoda showing Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
exellent shot. Graet idea. BRAVO

DavoBrown on Pagoda showing Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Hey whats that ???

sázky on Pagoda showing Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
great shot. great details and atmosphere

Katalog stron on Pagoda showing Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
great image,exellent work,bravo

Sázky on Pagoda showing Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
exellent shot,fantastic details,thanks

Mark on Pagoda showing Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
nice shot.Wish all the best and Happy New Year

Katalog Stron on Pagoda showing Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
nice image,great colours and details.fabulous

Ruch Poparcia on Pagoda showing Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
exellent shot,fantastic colours ,bravo

Curly on Kaohsiung Taiwan
Why does this take me back to the "Flash Gordon" films of my childhood?

joshi daniel on Liberty Square @ Taipei
excellent view and colors!

Reiner on Liberty Square @ Taipei
I agree, the balance of this image is really awesome and the colors are superb.

Curly on Liberty Square @ Taipei
Really well composed image.

joshi daniel on Buddhist Temple
nice perspective and details!

retouching on Tea House along the Philosopher's Walk
Beautiful toning in this serene photo.

joshi daniel on Tea House along the Philosopher's Walk

joshi daniel on Zhou Zhuang (Zhou Village)
beautiful shot!

joshi daniel on Kyoto Imperial Palace (Kyoto Gosho)
nice tones!

joshi daniel on Just Like A Prayer
that is great!

NarB on Sibilings
Superbe portrait souriant et lumineux, j'aime.

NarB on Sibilings
Superbe portrait très vivant. Perfect DoF

NarB on Sibilings
Lovely portrait, It's the life.

joshi daniel on Olivia Schubert
her smile is so beautiful and you always capture it beautifully.

Diane Schuller on Kinkaku-ji (Gold Pavillion)
There is a close up image of this on my computer desktop (iMac)! It's great to see it in its entirety. Your use of ...

Diane Schuller on Sibilings
nice portrait. Lovely use of natural light. Well done with the shallow dof for the second child.

raha on Sibilings

philib on Sibilings
Magnifique portrait, j'aime beaucoup, bravo........ Philippe.

NarB on Nicholas Schubert
Lovely portrait.

NarB on Kinkaku-ji (Gold Pavillion)
Great composition with very lovely colors.

akarui on Kinkaku-ji (Gold Pavillion)
Beautiful colors. Very peaceful atmosphere.

Daryl on Kinkaku-ji (Gold Pavillion)
A classic scene, like the effect from the filter. Check this out, you may see something familiar...!

EstherK on Kinkaku-ji (Gold Pavillion)
Wonderful composition! I didn't know there was a sunset filter. Is it the same as a polarizing filter?

Ilan on Kinkaku-ji (Gold Pavillion)
This is amazing. More a painting than a photo, with those breath catching colors. Print large and hang on the wall ...

Lomantik on Kinkaku-ji (Gold Pavillion)
oh my gosh is this even real? awesome photo!

Fliss on Mt. Fuji
One place I would love to visit one day.

Fliss on Olivia Schubert
Oh, this shot is truly precious...

Calusarus on Nicholas Schubert
A beautiful child portrait. Congratulations

Laura on Nicholas Schubert
Great expression. Almost looks older than his years here! Beautiful eyes.

Zing on Me and My Toy
Great portrait, cool processing!

Diane Schuller on Me and My Toy
great clarity in this ... good expression captured

akarui on Rural Miaoli, Taiwan
The green rice paddies near cities makes a nice contrast.

Diane Schuller on Rural Miaoli, Taiwan
very interesting information David. I love the way you've presented it with the dominance of the lush green with ...

Pradeep on Rural Miaoli, Taiwan
Nice the tones and the contrast :)

Dee on Rural Miaoli, Taiwan

Mirko Herzner on Rural Miaoli, Taiwan
A picture with great contrast. This bright natural green and those modern houses... Thanks for sharing...

Daryl on Sydney Afterdark
Fantastic colour. Glorious night view.

NarB on Rural Miaoli, Taiwan
Beutiful and serene place, I love the green.

NarB on Olivia Schubert
Wonderful portrait!

Monique on Rural Miaoli, Taiwan
Beautiful composition with the grass in front and the skyline of the city in the background, a great contrast!

akarui on The Bride
Lovely smile and portrait.

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